Seasons Change


You know the old saying about how life changes are like seasons changing?? This new season of my life has been one of the most exciting seasons of my life. And getting to experience the changing seasons has been a plus too! Its been nearly 10 years since I experienced a fall or winter season. Crazy, right? I mean, after all- Florida is basically summer and spring year round.
Some thing about fall just warms my heart despite the crisp morning air- you know what I mean? The leaves changing, bonfires, wrapping a cozy scarf around your neck, cuddling with you favorite human, and enjoying a warm bowl of soup.  I don’t know about you- but for me, fall is the perfect time of year and I have missed it so so much. 
So far my favorite fall activities have been exploring the local pumpkin patch, roasting s’mores at the Warf, walking along the National Mall and admiring the fall foliage, and don’t tell Ted- but the Capitals Hockey game was pretty awesome too!
Growing up in Indiana I was used to the cold- but after being away from it for so long I am totally freezing and it’s not even winter yet! Which brings me to my next topic: heated blankets. If you live up north and you don’t own one then you are 100 percent missing out. We found a queen size one at Khols and used 5 coupons to get it for $40 and it was the best forty dollars I have ever spent. I’m not sure how I survived 18 years in Indiana without one! I mean c’mon, a soft cozy blanket with a remote controlling the degree of warmth all from a click of a button without having to get out of bed! Sign me up, pahhhlease! My hands are freezing as I type this and I really wish I was at home now curled up in that heavenly blanket. Ted thinks I’m addicted to it and he could be right!
And then there was soup- chili, corn chowder, potato soup, white chicken chili, chicken noodle, you name it! I’m not usually a soup girl- but this cool weather has me craving all the hot steaming soup and I’m not mad about it.
I’m just trying absorb all of the fall vibes before winter gets here- and lets be honest, time is flying and winter is coming.
What are your favorite things to do during the fall? And how do you manage to keep warm? #sendhelp

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